Industrial battery manual assembly equipment


Chloride Technical and Trading Limited, over many years have designed and manufactured industrial battery manufacturing equipment both for the manual build of industrial and traction type cells.

The industrial battery manufacturing equipment is designed by CTT to the suit the customer’s requirements. Equipment is manufactured in the UK to ISO 9000 and CTT’s own quality control standards.

In addition to the design of the equipment and manufacturing processes, CTT can offer both an installation and commissioning service for equipment supplied.

From CTT’s portfolio of equipment we can offer the following:

  • Manual industrial building jigs and burning combs. This system allows the manufacture of multiple groups (the number of groups to be made is dependent upon the cells size) per build.
  • CTT can offer a stand alone semi automatic heat sealing machine suitable for welding either polypropylene or ABS type container and lid sets.
  • The cutting to length and ensuring a square cut for industrial battery polypropylene containers is critical to achieving a good lid to box weld and also a consistent cell height. CTT can offer a container cutting saw specifically designed to suit the customers requirements.

In the gallery you will find pictures of the following equipment recently supplied by CTT:

  • Manual industrial cell assembly jigs.
  • CTT Heat sealing machine.
  • Container cutting saw.