PunchMaster Plate Making System complete with wide strip casting system


The PunchMaster line is dedicated to high speed production of punched lead grids for both automotive and industrial batteries. The evolution of this system is explained in the documents entitled ‘Innovation in continuous grid manufacturing’ which is available as a download on this product page.

The whole line was designed to fit the following specifications:

  • Lead strip thickness from 0.72mm to 1mm
  • Lead strip width up to 300mm
  • Production capacity of 360 grids/min (for 144mm grids with laminated strip)
  • No lubrication required when using laminated strip

The line includes (refer to layout PM LO 001A):

  • Jib cranes for loading and unloading strip and punched coils.
  • A vertical double decoiler designed for wide strip.
  • A hot joining strip welder.
  • The PUNCHMASTER including strip feeder and sound enclosure.
  • Air cleaner.
  • A vertical double encoiler for punched strip.
  • System loop controllers.

The Punchmaster will be feed with wide strip material produced on a TBS Canada wide strip multi alloy caster. The proposed system is shown on drawing WSC LO 001 A.

TBS Canada wide strip multi alloy caster type 635

To cast, directly to gauge, lead alloy strip for fabrication of battery plate electrodes for the expanded or punch plate manufacturing process.

For information regarding the cast alloys used for the production of Positive plates please download the document entitled ‘BTS / Cominco Positive Cast Strip Battery alloys’